Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Paint Party- Emma's 3rd Birthday!

We had the wonderful opportunity to be apart of Emma's 3rd party! When Lindey Smith of Love photography by Lindey ( LIKE her on facebook ( or check her website out at ) contacted me and told me about her little girl's party I knew it was going to be so much fun to work on! Lindey is so creative and had so many great ideas and I was so glad she asked us to do the treats for the party! Enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Now Hiring an assistant!

When I was pregnant people would warn me “ You think you’re busy now, just wait until you have kids” Of course I just laughed and shrugged it off thinking oh whatever, I couldn’t possibly. Boy was I WRONG! These have been the busiest 4 months of my life, not only with being a wife and new mom, business hasn’t seem to slow down either! I am so blessed to have this “problem” but I am faced with having to make a big decision. I have been back and forth with the decision of “ Do I hire someone”. After starting a second business (The Social Event) and trying to keep up with a growing cake business I know I can’t possibly keep going the way I’m going. I am ONE person. I have overloaded myself to the point of pure exhaustion, I LOVE cakes, I LOVE these businesses, and I LOVE my customers! I don’t want to burn out, so I have decided to hire someone to better this business.

This would be a PART TIME AS NEEDED BASIS job that would include handling social media, client emails and calls for both Social Bites and The Social event, as well as baking/decorating assistant.

DISCLAIMER: This job is not for someone aspiring to open their own business in the future.

Here is the qualities that I am looking for:

I am looking for a young hip person, Someone who knows the latest trends and up to date on the “times”. They MUST LOVE VINTAGE! I need a super organized person, because let’s face it. I am NOT organized , as much as I want to be , I am NOT! I need a friendly outgoing and fun person, someone who can laugh and play but also knows when it’s time to get down to business. I need someone who is a HARD WORKER! Gasp! I know, hard work? Yes this business is so unbelievably hard. Lots of long days and nights. It’s not going to be sprinkles and cupcakes every day. I need someone who is creative, to help with ideas and concepts. Lastly I need someone who is flexable, this is probably one of the most important qualities. I need someone who can work on the weekend, and doesn’t let their personal life interfere with work. This job is a AS NEEDED BASIS! Although I am booking up a few weeks or sometimes months in advance there may be a week that is slower than others.. This is NOT a 8-5 mo-fri job!

If you think you've got the qualities above then send me an email at, I would love to meet you!

I am so excited about the future of Social Bites and The Social Event, I cannot wait to have someone to grow with!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

We're Back!

Well, we're back to blogging! Our goal for the new year is to get better at posting what we've been up to :)

To start off...

I had a baby!

.... And I'm totally in love with this bundle of joy !

I thought baking was exhausting.. but come to find out being a mom is ..well... FUN! (and exhausting) However I wouldn't trade it for the world.I would have never thought that I would ever love something or someone as much as I love this tiny human. He is my little sunshine:)

In fact here is a little video of his room and my favorite song. Mom used to sing this song to me all the time..

Okay.. I know enough about the baby, back to the caking.

We have a lot of exciting things happening! This Sunday 1/29/12 we will be apart of Weddings With Style International Magazine's Signature Bridal Show! Weddings With Style Signature Bridal Show on Sunday, Jan. 29 from 12:30 – 4:30 p.m. at the Bossier Civic Center. The ultimate wedding event includes FOUR fabulous honeymoon giveaways, and an engagement ring will be given away compliments of Bailey’s Jewelers. Brides register at the door to win THOUSANDS of dollars in prizes and services. Admission is only $8!

We will be showcasing our 2o12 cake designs and introducing our sister company The Social Event (Vintage and Wedding Rentals)!

Here is our Ad in the Weddings with Style Magazine!

And one more thing...

We now offer KING CAKES!

A king cake is a pastry dough that is rolled (similiar to a cinnamon roll) and filled with a varity of flavors. It's topped with a sugar glaze and 3 color sprinkles PURPLE signifies justice, YELLOW signifies power and GREEN signifies faith. Sometimes in king cake a little baby is hidden inside, the tradition is the person who finds the baby will have to buy the next king cake.

Our king cakes are moist and delicious!!

We have Small (FEEDS 5) for $10
Medium (FEEDS 12) for $24

OR Large (FEEDS 20) for $40

(Pictured above is a comparison of a small vs medium size)

Email us at to place your order today!

Thank you all for your continues support! We are so greatful for such awesome customers and cannot WAIT to see what 2012 has in store for us!