Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What a better way to begin this Thanksgiving with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and baking pies!
I have so much to be thankful for! My Lord and Savior who sees all things and continues to bless me and my family. My sweet mama, who without her I could NOT accomplish the things that I have. We are complete opposites, but she is still my very best friend. My awesome dad and his bill Cosby dancing,he also builds cake systems ,molds fondant figurines,makes cookie cutters when I don't have something I need,and washes dishes!! My hubby- I LOVE YOU!! You are simply amazing! My brothers,sisters(in laws)- all 7 of y'all are awesome! Niece's and Nephews for being my taste testers (kids don't mind being honest :) ),family,creativity to express through cakes, my successful business that keeps me on my toes and my awesome clients who without y'all I would not be successful. And my amazing friends the ones who have been with me throughout the past 21 years of my life and the new-we are just now beginning out adventure!- I love you ALL!

Here are a few things we have created this holiday

Fall Themed Wedding Cake

Turkey Themed Cake Balls

Turkey Themed Cookies

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